About the forum

The Palestine Regeneration Project Forum (PRPF) is a platform for practicing architects, urban designers, planners, artists and academics who are seeking a critical practice for an effective regeneration of Palestine. The forum welcomes contributions to projects and events in architecture, urban design and art which explore theoretically and practically the spatial and economical potentials of Palestine, aiming above all to cultivate possibilities for change.

The forum also welcomes projects, or critiques of projects, which could explore specific issues of regeneration, identity, and social issues. Projects could include: proposed or built architectural projects, urban design or regeneration proposals, art projects within urban or public spaces, exhibitions, events and fieldwork.

You can either send us relevant projects for the forum to debate, or else if you would like to be a member, or contribute a commentary, then please provide us with your details.



Murray Fraser

Qualified architect and full-time academic, currently working as Professor of Architecture at the University of Westminster. Specialist academic interests are in architectural design, architectural history and theory, cultural studies, advanced digital design, cultural analysis of technology, research coordination and supervision.


Michael Edwards 

Senior Lecturer in the economics of planning at UCL. Urban land and property markets and development processes in Europe; social and economic impacts; labour market analysis, economic estimation, evaluation and decision processes.


Fergus Nicol 

Professor of Architecture and deputy director of the low-energy architecture research unit at London Metropolitan University. Consultancy expertise in thermal comfort and occupant behaviour in buildings.


Jane Rendell 

Professor in Architecture and Art, and director of architectural research, at UCL. Architectural designer and historian, art critic and writer.