Hardening the border zone in the Palestinian territories requires an urgent and responsive architecture that can heal the fractures that has been created. Seeking a critical architecture practice has thus become an urgent and vital part for an effective regeneration of Palestine; a country which has been fragmented spatially denied its basic resources.

As practicing architects, planners and academics, we are searching for potential spaces of possibilities that can empower the fragmented community and bridge the gap between their divided spaces. 

The debate in process within Palestine Regeneration Project Forum (PRPF) -- that we invite you to participate in, through projects and events -- intends to explore theoretically and practically, the spacial and economical potentials of Palestine, aiming to cultivate possibilities for change. Our interest within PRPF is to share our experience and projects through this public forum, which we hope it could be an umbrella to broaden the debate, yet to create conditions to initiate new projects and sustain the ongoing initiatives.