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2016 RIBA President's Award for Research


PART receives the RIBA President's Commendation Award of Research 2016 for their design projects at Palestine Regeneration Team (PART)/Golzari NG Architects, under the cities and community category. 

The design projects were chosen from this year’s record-breaking 75 submissions from 144 countries. 

PART's projects focused on seeking constructive ways of using architecture and urban design to mend the fragmented landscape in Palestine through the principles of ‘stitching’ and ‘empowering’. It explores spatial possibilities while also demonstrating the links between building and socio-economic regeneration, as a way to address issues of conflict and cultural identity. 

The panel of judges commented about the project: "This is a fascinating piece of work that bridges anthropology and urbanism, political and cultural studies, and operates on a design and build level.

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2014 Holcim Award for Sustainable Construction

In a collaborative effort between Palestine Regeneration Team, Golzari-NG Architects and Riwaq: centre for architectural conservation, The Women's Eco Kitchen and Environmental Playground wins the 2014 Holcim Acknowledgment Award 

Figure 12.jpg

The recent hardening of the border zone in Palestine requires a responsive architecture that can heal the many fractures which have been created. Seeking a critical form of architecture practice has thus become an urgent and vital part of any effective regeneration plans for Palestine, a country which is now fragmented and spatially denied its own basic resources.

As practicing architects, urban planners and academics, we are searching for potential spaces of possibilities that can be used to empower the fragmented Palestinian community and bridge the gaps between the divided spaces they now live in. 

Hence the process initiated by Palestine Regeneration Team (PART), which we invite you to participate in with design projects, writings and events -- aims to explore, both theoretically and practically, the spatial and economic potentials of Palestine. The intention is to cultivate possibilities for change. Our interest within PART is to share experiences and projects and texts through this online public forum. As such, we hope that it can act as an umbrella to broaden the debate and to create conditions for new design proposals while also sustaining ongoing initiatives.


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