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We, the undersigned architects, planners, designers and environmentalists are reaching outto you as individuals, international partners, professional bodies or institutions, inviting youto endorse and support our shared commitment as outlined below.

In our newspapers and on our TV screens, day after day, we are witnessing an unfoldinggenocide and environmental catastrophe. Israel’s relentless bombing of Gaza is destroying homes, hospitals, universities, schools, power lines, roads, sewers and water supply – in short, the complete infrastructure supporting everyday life. There are countless children without families, parents without children, and over 2 million people living without propershelter or safety.

So far, 32,000 tons of explosives have been dropped on Gaza, destroying 60,000 housingunits (70% of the total) and damaging 200,000 more buildings. The carpet bombing of Gazain one month is the equivalent of one–and–a–half times the atomic bomb that destroyedHiroshima. Dust clouds from the bombardment are now causing nosebleeds for theinhabitants of the West Bank, kilometers away. Greenhouse gases released by theexplosions will, however, affect us all because the carbon emission from one month of theGaza bombing –1.3MT – is 4 times the UK’s total carbon emission in one year. Gaza is thusan ecological catastrophe, socially, environmentally and psychologically.


As architects, planners, environmentalists and designers, we condemn the spacio-cidalviolence enacted on the Gaza Strip and its people. We call for an immediate permanentceasefire and the rebuilding of Gaza in close collaboration with those displaced families. The12,000 + lives that have already been lost cannot be restored, nor can the pain and sufferingbe wished away by airy words from politicians. But the people still alive need the means tosurvive. We thus call for the reinstatement of the essential services, of water, electricity,fuel and food within the Gaza Strip.


The people of Gaza have a right to their city, their homes, their land. They have a right torebuild their lives, within a free Palestine. In the longer term, entire urban areas willobviously need to be rebuilt. Houses and neighbourhoods will hence have to bereconstructed, and Gazan cities provided with all the services and facilities required for ahigh quality of life that is environmentally sustainable.


The international community of academics and professionals should stand strong to play apivotal role in the reconstruction of Gaza. Together, in collaboration with its resilientresidents, we can contribute to the restoration of lives, their homes, their neighbourhoodand communities.

Self-Help Home, Re-build Collaborative Clusters:

Architects for Gaza proposes the formation of Gaza Reconstruction Collective;interdisciplinary self-help clusters to help in reconstruction. This will include experts inpsychological and social trauma alongside displaced families and individuals. These clusterswill be strategically located wherever those expelled from their homes have since managedto gain a foothold or refuge elsewhere in the Gaza Strip.

Physical and Virtual Educational Clusters:

Considering the extensive damages and demolition of many Gazan educational buildingsand institutes, we also see the urgency of setting up interdisciplinary clusters to enable localstudents to continue with their education. Our specific proposal is to assist architecturalstudents and those on related courses to be taught either through physical clusters or viavirtual platforms.Call for Action: Sign and Support:

We urgently call on all individuals and international partners, professional bodies andinstitutions, to come together to sign and endorse our statement which sets out thefollowing demands:


  1. A permanent and immediate ceasefire in Gaza and end to the siege.

  2. All restrictions on food, water, electricity, and fuel to be lifted immediately.

  3. The right for Palestinian refugees to return to rebuild their homes, neighbourhoods and cities accompanied by the required infrastructure, schools, hospitals and universities.

  4. In regard to the Right to a Home, immediate access for professional experts and helpers, including AFG, to be allowed to enter Gaza to set up self-help clusters that will enable housing reconstruction.

  5. In regard to the Right to Education, the call for academic institutions outside Gaza to offer virtual online courses to allow students there to continue their studies as educational classroom clusters.

  6. A call for all architectural magazines and journals to make the voices of Gaza heard while also reflecting upon the current Israeli policy of space-ocide and how it impacts upon the built environment, ecological conditions and human lives.

  7. A call for all architectural institutions/organisations globally to take a clear professional and ethical stand against the current human and ecological destruction taking place in the Gaza Strip, and thereby to support the right of Gazan people to rebuild their cities and their lives.


Your signature signifies a commitment to these essential humanitarian and professionalprinciples and will also serve as an example of hope for those who are directly affected bythe current crisis in Gaza. By signing and endorsing the above statement, you are joining aglobal community that is completely committed to collective action and tangible support forthe rebuilding of the Gaza Strip.Many thanks for considering our urgent call to action. Together, we can make a meaningfulimpact on the pathway to recovery and resilience for Palestinian citizens living in Gaza.

Palestine Regeneration Team 

in affiliation with Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine.


Dr. Nasser Golzari - RIBA, NG Architects, Palestine Regeneration Team

Dr. Yara Sharif - NG Architects, Palestine Regeneration Team

Professor Murray Fraser - Palestine Regeneration Team

Abe Hayeem, RIBA, Chair, APJP

Professor Hans Haenlein - Architect and Educator

Angela Brady OBE PPRIBA - BMA Architects London UK

Kate Macintosh MBE RIBA - Patron of Scientists for Global Responsibility

Professor Lesley Lokko - African Futures Institute

Sahby Gorgi - Architecte membre du conseil UIA

Julia Wlodarczyk - Department of Architecture Cambridge University

Adriana Useche - EcoLINEAR Studio

Professor Marion Roberts - University of Westminster

Suad Amiry - Writer and Architect Founder of Riwaq Centre for Architectural Conservation

Bob Giles - Past Vice President Royal Institute of British Architects RIBA

David Gloster - RIBA Director of Education 2006-21: Professor of Architecture

Professor Jane Rendell - The Bartlett, UCL

Ilan pappe - University of Exeter

Antoine Raffoul - RIBA, ICOMOS(UK), CIAV

Nadia Habash - Chairwoman of the Engineering Association

Luisa Amann - Sustainability Designer, Foster+Partners

ACAN (Architects Climate Action Network) - Sweden

Prof Nishat Awan - UCL

Papa Omotayo - MOE+AA

Razan Zeidani - Founder of Studio Mozayan and DAAR Fadila

Jasmina Millard - Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge

Khaalid Dangor - Master of Architecture, University of Johannesburg’s Graduate School of Architecture

Dr Fadi Shayya - Lecturer in Architecture & Urbanism, University of Salford

Alaa Abu Awad - Fada ArchitectsHala Alnaji - University of WestminsterMinerva Fadel - Rethink Housing Studio 

Nuha Imran- Architecture

Thomas Egoumenides - Architect

Joelle Eyeson - Hive Earth

EMRULLAH SONMEZ - Founder of Phaaraspa Design Studio

Dima Alshaer - Palestine

Suzy Nelson - Westminster

Jhonatan Andres - Architect

Giulliana Giorgi - Architectural Association

Pratap Chahal- The Hungry Chef

Hana Alsaai - Architecture

Sarah Daoudi - Architecture

Mohammad Soleymani - writer and activist

Fida Sabbah - Architect

Setareh Nosrati - Architecture

Mazin Qumsiyeh - Bethlehem University

Professor Sean Griffiths - University of Westminster

Professor Eva Branscome - The Bartlett, UCL

Sylvia Finzi - Sylvia Finzi Studios Artist and teacher

Rhys Waring - Architect

Lida Neishabourian - Swedish Architects Institute

Adrian Paul Calin - Architecture

Ali Sonmez  - Architect

Mahnaz Golzari - Engineer

Danilo Bulatović - PhD student of Architecture

Aya Musmar - Assistant Professor/ University of Petra

Maria Stancu - Architect

Dr.Eman Ismail - Architect Palestine/Turkey

Ciarán Séamus O’Brien - Architect

Lindsay Bremner - University of Westminster

Yasmin Amin- Architecure

Rofayda Beder - Environmental Science

Zeina Qadamani - Architecture

Giorgia Donà - University of East London

Dalya Abdulwahhab- Architect

Ala’ Ammar - Architect

Rania Abu Ramadan - Applied Science University 

Nadia Mohammed - architect

Dia Mrad - Artist

Associate Professor Nick Beech - University of Birmingham 

Heba Mostafa Mokhalalati - Architect

Dema Nazzal - Architecture

Saylah Hussain - MArch student at The University of Sheffield

Maryam Ghalayini - Interior Architect

Sofia Karim - Architect, London

Duaa Almadhoun - Architect

Lara salous - Architect

Amer Shomali - Architect

Dr Mirna Pedalo - Royal College of Art | University of Westminster

Kristina Bieganski

Abdullah Imran - Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge

Matthew Pembery - Architectural Assistant

Otto Copping -  Architecture 

Rida shoora - Interior designer

Lucy Bambury - Architecture

Saif Osnani - Architectural Designer (UCL Bartlett Graduate)

Faith Muir - University of Bath

Dima Srouji - MA City Design, Royal College of Art

Loay Dieck - Graduate Architect at Arup

Prof Munir Morad - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Dalal Nassar - Architect

Chitra Vishwanath - Architect

Nora Akawi - The Cooper Union

Jocelyn Mourra - Architect

Arwa Qalalwa - Arqa Studio

Federica zambeletti - Koozarch

Nouha Hansen - Architect

Lailac Al-Yaie - Sustainable Architectural Designer 

Natacha BOU AKL - Independent architect and planner

Melkia Hacene - Architect

Elisa Genti - Architectural Assistant

Lujain Al-Kilani - Architectural Association

Anas Alkhatib - Architecture, Birzeit University, Bard College

Raneem Ayyad - Architect, Bard College

Lora Lucero - U.S. city and regional planner and land use lawyer

Abdelrahman bakir - Architect - interior designer

Busra Kac - Architect

Dr Paolo Cascone - University of Westminster

Jumana Manna - Artist

Aftab Pathan - Independent

Salman Abu Sitta - Palestine Land Society

Parnika Madan - Architecture

Sıla Karataş - PhD Candidate in Architecture École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne 

Dr Rosa Schoano-Phan - University of Westminster 

Talal AlMukhalalati - Engineer 

Yazid Anani - Architects, Curator

Dana Abbas - Lead Architect, Riwaq 

Jonathan Arndell - Architect, Wales Palestine- creative exchange

Khalil AlMukhalalati - Software Engineer

Ahmad Barclay - Architect

Shatha Safi - RIWAQ-Centre for Architectural Conservation

Shaden Awad - Birzeit University

Luzan Munayer - Architect

Leela Keshav - Architecture student

Sara Mahdizadeh - Architects, Nottingham

Riane Oukili - Architecture

Muaz Shbat - Architect

Elizabeth Abuaita - Architect

Tasneem Al Nabhani - Architect

Hannah Ismail - Architecture 

Sajda Al Haj Hamad - Architecture 

Nikhat Chahal - That Hungry Chef

Kristina Veleva Architecture 

Blessing Sulaiman - Architecture 

Jumana Bawazir - Researcher/ Artist - trained as an architect

Julien Lafontaine Carboni - ETHZ 

Raghad Al Ali - Architect

Melissa Dinc - University of Westminster

Bushra shehadeh - Architect

Meesam Mirza - Architect

Dr. Alessandro Ayuso - University of Westminster 

Christina Doumpioti - EPFL

Arshiya S - Studio Maqam, India

Neguine Boumedine - Architect

Alban Mannisi - Scapethical - Landscape Urbanism

Abdalrahman Elkot - Architectural Assistant

Heba lubbad - Artefact

ghayad khatib - architect,researcher,artist

Shahbaz Ahmed Muhyaddin - Architect

Shahd Haitham - Architect

Gabriella Ambrosio - Writer

Luca Santini - Sapienza University

Filiz Erol - Architect

Maria Bahrim - Royal College of Art

Aya Nasr - Architecture

Shada Elmagri - Architect 

Michela Pacifici - Sapienza University of Rome 

Isabella Testolin - Architectural assistant

Zehra Sertdemir - Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism 

Hadeel Naseer - Hadeel Nasser - Architect

Sema Nur Gül Güldemir - Architect at Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Mohamed Elkholy - Electrical & Architecture Business Owner

Ayesha Erkin - Freelance Architect

Tarek Ayyad - Architect ad building engineer

Farah Bizrah - Architect

Yaqoub Hasan - Architectural Designer

Natasha Crasta - Engineer

Selim Elleithy - Architect

Sowaiba Umar - Architect

Saya Agha - Architecture 

Dina Hesham - Architect

Majd jahshan - Palestinian architect

Nuriyah Malik - Architecture

Antonio Rodríguez - Architect - Universidad de Sevilla

Tamara Rasoul - Architect

Amanda Mashiana - Architecture

Francesco Maria De Angelis - De Angelis Architetti

George Whitehead - Architect, London

Trudie Speke - Landscape architect AEP/IFLA

Dusan Decermic - Architect

Saadiqah - Architect

Maryam Hessavi - Writer / Editor

Aanisah kausar - Architectural Assistant

Loujayne Hadaya - Architecture 

Salem Shobaki - Architect, Researcher. Al-Haq Organization

Omar Al Omari - AA, RIBA, Loci Architecture + Design

Jenna El-Musawi - Architect

Wajiha Siddiqui - University of Karachi & WM Creative Studio Relab

BMA Architects London UK - Architecture

Liana Mgani - Interior Designer

Muhammad Mehdi - WM relab and SSUET

Larissa Sansour - Artist

Nooshin Farhid - Artist and Teacher - UAL

Bahrah Mustafa - Architecture 

Gulmeyrem Yaman - Architecture 

Haiqa Mujahid - Architect

NaoKo TakaHashi - Artist

Paola Santini - Scientist, INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma

Fida Touma - Architect

Ohoud Kamal - Assistant Professor at American University of Madaba

Sahar As'ad - Architect @ Jawad& partners, ICOMOS Member

Iris Hefets - Psychoanalyst

Rozana  Jouda - Oman Society of Engineers 

Lubna Chaudhry - Architect, Urban Design

Theia Flynn - Designer

Dina haddadin - Architect

Wendy Chapple - Central Saint Martins, UAL

Lujain Arabiat - Junior Architect 

Ed Davison - Architectural assistant, Arch history

Rahaf Altallaa - Architecture

Fatemah Al Najjar - Architect

Batool Al-Momani - Architect

Natalia Brizuela - Professor, UC Berkeley

Carla Yuja - University of Westminster

Nida'a AbuKhurma - Architect

Nafeel Qureshi - Architect and educationalist

Mahum Erkin - Architecture, National University of Science & Technology

Shahd AlNatsheh - Architect

Jenan Ghazal- Carleton University

Khansa Asim - National University of Science and Technology

Neamah Mahmood - Architect

Sadia Siddiqui - Student at Hasselt University

Denisa Groza - Architect, Romania 

Khader Bandak - Architect

Yasmeen Mohsen - Architect

Moatassem  Tikshov - Architect 

Mak YH - Architect 

Hanaa Alloh - Qatar University 

Omar Abu Wishah - Architect 

Akil Scafe-Smith - Resolve Collective 

Najia Fatima - Colombia University 

Sahar-Fatema Mohamedali - Architect 

Saira Sher - Architect

Halima Ahmed - Architect 

Aisyah Abubakar Alatas - Architect

Lahari parvathaneni - University of East London

Azza Al Hinai - Architect

Hafsah Rais - Architect

Madiha Rahman - Architect

Aysha Tariq - Architect, National University of Science and Technology

Ridhwan Ahmad - Architect 

-Maddalena Laddaga - Co-director CODESIGNLAB architecture

Ebbad Mehmood Bhatti - Beaconhouse National University

Melissa Nese - Architecture 

Syeda Mishal Farima - Architect

Thomas Wyn Grove - Architectural Designer, Visiting Lecturer

Shukri Bihi - BPTW

Lumie Okado - Architectural Assistant

Abdullah Shahid - Architect

Rim Kalsoum - Palestine Regeneration Team

Dana Sudqi - Architect 

Abul Mahdi - Director - Studio Jayga Architects

Sandi Hilal - Architect

Aisha Hassan - Urban Designer

Tabiah Qazi - The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Sehama Salah - Architectural Assistant

Lana Judeh - Birzeit University

Samar fatima - Suhail and fawad architects

Tejesvini Saranga Ravi - MA Student at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Huma Mahmood - Architecture

Abdulrahman Alarifi - Architectural designer

Aysha Kaiser - Architect

Aya Mousa - Architect

Anusheh M - Writer - Pakistan

Fitrat Ali - National College of Arts, Lahore

Rowdah Charbak - Architecture Student

Doa Sarmad Khan - National College of Arts, Pakistan.

M. Junaid Younas - Abstracture Design Studio

EHTASHAM AHMED - Architect-Urban planner , Florida state university, USA

Mastura - Part 2 student

Hamaad Hassan - Architectural Designer

Mahenoor Fatima - Architecture

Mutia Muyasarah -M Arch student & Architectural Engineer - Gadjah Mada University

Abdullah Asif - Architect

Marco Castellano - Researcher, INAF Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma

Tassneem Ashi - Architectural Assistant

Obied Azkar - Architectural designer RIBA 

Nisha Malhi - MArch Student at MSA

Ginani Utami - University College London

Vaneeza Adnan - Computer Engineer

Ambreen Iqbal - Architecture

Alissar Riachi - Architect / -ism magazine

Shahed Saleem - University of Westminster

Sheikh Tanim Ahmed - Architectural Assistant

Zaynah Younus - Architecture Student

Taneen Hossain - Architecture student

Mohammad Hassan Khan - Architect, Jamia Millia Islamia

Ananth Udupa - Architecture

Shafia Motaleb - Cardiff University


Anum Aleha - Assistant Professor at Nfciet, Multan, Pakistan

Raqiya - Part I

Lavanya N - Architect

Mohd Tahir - Architect

Nadia abban - Indus hospital & Health network

Toshi Singh - Architect


Aamer Naeem - National college of arts, Pakistan

Shaiza Imtiaz - Architect, Pakistan

Afshan Tanweer - National College of Arts

Yousef Mahmoud - Architect

Nour Ziadia - MArch student, Washington University

Zahra Mansoor - Architectural Designer and Artist

Dema Abdelghani - Architect

Marzia Rohani - MArch Student at RMIT University

Nayab Imran - Architect

Nour Kaddoura - Architectural Designer

Yasmine Qasim - Architect

Amna Iraqi - Architects

Raihaana Missoum - University College London

Zainab Ijaz - Toronto Metropolitan University

Habiba Iqbal - Architect

Warda Tariq - Comsats Pakistan

Khalil Rabah - Artist

Roksana Wyrwa - PART 2 Architecture

Sundas Abid - University of Lahore

Ayesha Malik - University of London UOL

Hafsa Bobat Garcia - Geography Teacher

Ghazala Mussawar UET, Lahore

Sila Cakir - Royal College of Art

Aiman Shahid - Architecture student- final year

Maryam Gomary - Architect

Elmira Brooshan - Researcher

Muhammed Khizar - B-Arch , UET Lahore

Faatin Abdullah - Space Planner, Architectural Assistant

Jenna Daher - Architectural assistant

Dr Maja Jović - Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster

Sumbal Kashif - School of Architecture, The University of Lahore


Habiba Ahmed - Architecture

Amal Naeem - Independent

Iram Sammar - King's College London

Beydanur Çakmak - Istanbul Technical University- Architecture Student

Dhruv Gulabchande - Narrative Practice; HFM Architects; Central Saint Martins (UAL)

Fatima-Zahrra Zoughy - MArch student at The London School of Architecture

Maliha Khan - Lahore College for Women University

Adam Dudley-Mallick - March student, London School of Architecture

Neesaun Naveed - Projah Zeist Designs

Else Elizalde - University of Westminster

Julia Zanella Saragoça - Architect & Urban Planner

Imogen Radestock - March student at the University of Bath

Amira Batrisyia - MArch student, Manchester School of Architecture

Ellie JY. - Architect

Sebastián Alberto Sandoval Saltijeral - Architect UNAM

Tasnima Ahmed - Part 1 Architecture BA Graduate

Shahd Alansari - MArch student at the Manchester School of Architecture

Batool Musa - Architect

Manijeh Verghese - SPHERE Spaces

Maria Putri - MA Student at the Architectural Association

Rex Dominick Galanta - Architecture Assistant

Zakaria Tehami - Architecture

Massimo Santini - TECLO Engineering-Roma

Isabel Todorova - UCL Student

Christina Leigh Geros - Royal College of Art

Dr Rosa Woolf Ainley - Royal College of Art

Suzana Meziad - Architectural Assistant  Riba Part II

Reema Helo - Architect

Francesca Jones - MArch student University of Cambridge

Vassiliki Tamvakis - Architect

Rawan Sharaf - Curator, Art  researcher

Dijana Alic - Architecture

Shaden Abusafieh - Middle East University

Alia Mortada - Buro Doqi  Architecture & Planning

Mohamed Jahamy - Freelancer - Jahamy Engineering

Era Savvides - Architectre, University of Westminster

Mansoureh Rajabitanha - Researcher/ History of Architecture

Sawsan Bassalat - University College Dublin - Architect and Research Assistant

Majdi Faleh - Nottingham Trent University

Urvashi Jalali - Architect, Researcher - UNSW

William R. Morrish - Urban Designer, Architect

Delan Aribigbola - Part 1 student

Rosie Murphy - Architectural Educator

Md Mizanur Rashid - Deakin University, Australia

Petra Xynidou - Architectural Assistant

Azrah Jussab - Architectural Assistant

Caitlin Blanchfield - Columbia Unviersity

Faisal Rosli - Architecture

Nada Elsayed - Junior Architect | CCNY Spitzer school of Architecture Alumni

Nibras - Kinnaird

Marvi Imran Khan - Architect, Pakistan

Aimen Siddiqui - Architecture student

Ioana Ungureanu - Architectural Assistant

Mešković Danka - Registered Architect Serbia & Montenegro

Isidora Karan - Arhitekt

Mary Sharon- Graduate architect

Matteo Clementini - Civil engineer

Reham Elwakil - Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge

Hassan Jafri - Architect- Amir Jafri and Associates/ Assistant Professor- University of Management and Technology

David Cross - University of the Arts London

Marihan Hamdoun - Interior Architect & Designer

Mariam Elmongy - Architect & Interior Designer - Ain Shams university graduate

Karim El-Araby, Assoc. AIA - Architectural and Urban Designer

Andrew Carr - Architect, Brady Mallalieu Architects

Mejrema Zatrić-Šahović - International University of Sarajevo

Maryam Khurram - University of Westminster

Diya Seepaul - Architectural Assistant

Rumeysa Temel - Architect, Academician, Marmara University

Jelica Jovanović - architect

Igor Kuvac - Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, University of Banja Luka

zeynep köse - architect

Alaa Abou Ali - Architect

Tumpa Husna Yasmin Fellows - Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Grace McEvoy - Artist

Katrina Van Orden - Architect

Elina Dimova - Architecture Graduate

Sama Hani - German University in Cairo (GUC)

Aida Idrizbegović Zgonić - UNSA Faculty of Architecture, Australia

Najla Ahmed - Architecture student

Basant Mohamed - Basant Mohamed

Mira Abdalla - Assoc. AIA - Architectural Designer

Nevena Novaković - University of Banja Luka

Srikar Savaram - Researcher

Shaziya Shuaib Mohtisham - NC State University

Gina Bouza - Columbia University

Nadeen Hassan  - Architect

Dania Badarneh - Architect

Didem Ertem - University of Westminster

Sahar Qawasmi - Architect

Neşe Nur Akkaya Çuhadar - Research Assistant/Architect, Istanbul Technical University

Marium Imran - National College of Arts

Dr Judy Rabinowitz Price - Kingston University

Sofia Sakr - Architect

Nimra Shahid - Part 2 Architecture Student

Ana Cartaxo - Artist/Roça Nova Editora

Artist/Roça Nova Editora - Environmental communication

Melanie Quintero - University of Applied Arts Vienna

Andrew Conio - Writer 

Tomà Berlanda - Politecnico di Torino

Sarah Malek - Assistant Professor at College of Architecture - Kuwait University

Sarah Beddington - Artist, filmmaker and designer

Laila Palmarini - Architect

Kavya Madhu - University College Dublin

Busra Dilaveroğlu - Architect/ Ph.D. / Researcher at Royal College of Art/ School of Architecture

Andrijana Jokic - architect, Montenegro

Sydney Sinclair - University of Michigan

Elise Limon - Yale University, School of Architecture

Mirna Ler - Architect

Sharifah Sonia Syed - Part 2 Graduate Architectural Association

Talha ULAŞ - Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University

Luke W. Perry - Architect, SC, USA

Gizem Bahadır - Architect

Prof.Salah HAJISMAIL - AYBu-Post war reconstruction and rehabilitation

Aiman Zafran Mohammad Tarmizi - UCL

Nadine Abdelkhalek  - Architect/Artist/Urban planner

Dr. Sabina Tanovic - Delft University of Technology / Designing Memory

Basma al-Sharif - Artist

Vera Tamari - Birzeit University, lecturer

Karim wally - Founder of The Studio design house

Maissoun sharkawi - Interior architect and historian

Tony Lloyd-jones - University of Westminster 

Cezary M Bednarski - Studio Bednarski Ltd

Joumana al Jabri 

Ziad Mir - Operations Director

Nicky Coutts - Research Lead (SoFA) The Glasgow School of Art

Alaa Leghrouz - Architect 

Natascha Sadr Haghighian - artist

Zehra Betül Alkılınç - Architecture student

Samavia Aamir - National College of Arts

Shumi Bose - UAL Central Saint Martins / Royal College of Art / Syracuse University

Megha Chand Inglis - The Bartlett School of Architecture

Shireen Catterall - Teacher 

Diala Allahham - Alquds University

Journey roth - Architectural project manager

Nabiha Qadir - Urban/Architectural Designer

Sally Itani - Architectural

Professor Teresa Stoppani - Norwich University of the Arts

George Themistokleous - Norwich University of the Arts

Shifa zghoul - Architect / prev. Researcher Tokyo Institute of Technology

Ar.Safwan Bin Aamir - Project Architect-Measure and Design

Killian o Dochartaigh - Edinburgh school of architecture and landscape architecture

Jack Dušek - Architectural Designer

Lejla Odobasic Novo - Associate Professor at International Burch University

Kasra Sadaghiani - Architecture student

Bita Aziminezhadan - Freelance

Dr Orsalia Dimitriou - Central Saint Martins/University of Westminster

Qaisy Jaslenda - Architecture

Yue Mao - Researcher, Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography, Leipzig,Germany

Mariam Oweisi - Architect

Arch. Antonio Ottomanelli - Artist and Curator co-founder of Imago Plus

Konstantina Kalfa - Research Centre for the Humanities

Hazem Ziada - Hazem Ziada

Alessandro Petti - DAAR

Tania Sengupta - Bartlett School of Architecture UCL

Andreea Midvighi - PhD candidate in Urban Studies, University of Basel

Rick Andrighetti - University of Waterloo

Laura Di Pietro - Tabla

Julia Topley - Architectural Designer

Fatma Adel- Faculty of Engineering-Ain Shams University

Muhammad Syahreen Hishamudin - Architect

Dr Ayoub Shirvani - Independent

Student "Decolonizing Architecture Advanced Studies, KKH Stockholm, Sweden

Sian Berkley - Sustainability Manager

John Christophers - Zero Carbon House

Jesse Hammer - Architect / Educator

Dominic Wilson - Architect

Laura Fermoso - Architect

Thomas Bennett - Architect, Studio Bark

Robin Mallalieu - Architect

Dr. Viktoria Waltz - University of Dortmund, Department of Planning

Catalina Mejia Moreno - Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

Anissa Colaco Souza - Architectural Assistant

Deen Sharp - LSE

Michael Scott MRIAI - Architect, Ireland

Frank McDonald- HMRIAI, HFRIBA

Owen Ocarroll - architect urbanX

MARY JANE ROONEY - Urban X Architect

Dubravka sekulić - MA City Design/School of Architecture/Royal College of Art, London, UK

Mona Tamari - Architect

Anne Markey - Architect

Samir Pandya - University of Westminster

Jorge Cassis- Arquitecto independiente

Tove Sjöberg- Architect, Studio Feuer

Maide Taslidere - Architect

mike tonkin - tonkin liu architects

Elvan Yavuz - Architect

Viktor Westerdahl - Architect & Director, Westerdahl.

Sherief Al Rifai -Architect

Ana Betancour - U+A Studio

Camila Mairos Lutas - Architect

Alberto Foyo - Principal Alberto Foyo Architect, PC, Professor UCT Chile

Nissrin Zaptia - Communications Consultant

Stefanie Rhodes - Architect

Lynda Zein - AVU Prague

Fahmida Rahman - Architect

Steve Fox - Architect

Zainab Mahdi - Architect

Katy Marks - Director, Citizens Design Bureau

Mohammed Khalil - Architecture Student

Arinjoy Sen - Piercy&Company

Jacqueline Tran - School of Architecture, University of Technology Sydney

Sarvesh Singh - Atelier of Time, Place + Xollaboration

Natalie Savva - Architect, Educator

John Murray - Retired Haringey Borough Architect

Maria Venegas Raba - Educator and PhD candidate

Halima - Architecture Student 

Neil McGuire - Studio Tutor, University of Strathclye, co-director of the Architecture Fringe

Asif Khan - Asif Khan Studio

Walter Menteth - Architect

Kristin Erlendsdottir - Interior Architect

Muna Dajani - LSE

Tuomas Toivonen - Architect / New Academy

Joe Singleton - Architectural Designer

 Zoë Berman - Architect

Toby Chai -Northeastern University London 

 Mayce Arebi - Architectural Designer

Hamzah Al Asadulloh - Interior designer in indonesia

Kieran Tam - Architectural Assistant

Alison Moffett - AA School of Architecture

Rayan Elnayal - Architectural Designer/Educator- Universal of Greenwich,

Arna Mackic - architect

Barbara McFarlane - Architect

Laura Miller - Miller Clear Architects LLP

Platon Issaias - Architectural Association / Aristotle University of Thessaloniki / Fatura Collaborative

Jess Simpson - LTS Architects

Justin Hayes - Architect

Kawthar Jeewa - PhD candidate at Nelson Mandela University

Ranjinee – Student

Sanja Vrzic - Architect

Luca Lana  - Architect, PhD candidate

Mufaddal Nagree - Architect ARB RIBA AQRB AAT

Anatoli Georgiadou - Architect/Urban Designer

Rasha Kamhieh - Architect, London

Maria Saeki - Architect

Mohamed AlKhaja - Environmental Architect

Tim Lee - Interior Architect

Lorenzo Mancini - Architect

Sahiba Chadha - Architect

Zeeshan Zaheer - Assistant Professor Comsats University Islamabad Lahore Campus

Carlotta Novella  - Architect & Educator, Central Saint Martins, UAL

Nabah Ali Saad - COmsats University Islamabad, Lahore Campus

Noorhan Mohammed - Architect- Stuttgart Universität

Nisha Kurian - Architect, Lewisham Council

Anam Afroze Hasan- Creative Technologist, Piercy & Company

Zeynep Iqbal - Architect

Roudaina Alkhani - Founding Director, Platforms for sustainable cities and regions

Deniz Beck - Architect

Stany Babu - PhD Researcher - Built Environment

Karim Nasser - Architect

Rafaela Anastasiou - Architect/Urban Designer

Elena Mileva- -MSc Student at University of Strathclyde

Irene Palmiotto- -Architect & Independent Researcher

Paula de Castro Mendes Gomes - Architect and Urbanist

Zain Al-Sharaf Wahbeh - Part II Architectural Designer and Academic - Royal College of Art

Carlos Huerta Fernandez - Architectural Designer

Joyce Yazbeck - Architect

Frista Puspita Marchamedya - Designer

Mina Plancic - Zagreb

Thomas Flugge - Landscape Architect

Clara Triviño - Freelance

Dunja Krvavac - i.d.e..a Sarajevo

Danijela Jelić - Studio Mrav

Šaira Delić - Student

Amina Suljic - architect

Dr Emma Cheatle - University of Sheffield School of Architecture

Magdalena Prus - Architect, London

Aida Botonjic Karahusic - Univesity of Sarajevo- Teaching assistantand a PhD candidate

Senka Ibrisimbegovic - Architect; Assistant professor at University of Sarajevo Faculty of Architecture

Hana Cirman - LINA

Adisa Dzino Suta - architect

Emina Alic - Renner Hainke Wirth Zirn Architekten GMBH

Angela Lulati - Architecture MSc Student, TU Vienna

Isra Tatlic - Architect

Francesca Berni - Researcher and architect, Politecnico di Milano

Jadd hallaj - Architect, Paris

Mamica Burda - Architect

Elizabeth Escobar - MArch student, Illinois Institute of Technology

Reham Elwakil - Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge

Elzana Neimarlija - Architect

Pierre d'Avoine - Pierre d'Avoine Architects

Lena Vassart - Architecte

Khadija Othmani - Architect

Farah Karaman - Architecture student at International University of Sarajevo

Cindy Djahnine - Architect

Samantha Islam Lamisa - Universita IUAV di Venezia

Khaoula Admou - Architect at TrabDesign

Francesca Paola Beltrame - independent architect and artist

Maria Beatrice Servi - Architetto

Farhana Nizam Chowdhury - Studio Machang

Eleanor Duignan - Architect

Fares Alnaser - vuad

Fadi Al Nasser - Pin

Bushra Mohamed - Msoma Architects

Ahmet Turan - Architect

Christopher Carroll - Architect

Cristina Monteiro  - Architect

Francesco Sebregondi - FSBRG architecture × research

Laoise Quinn - Architect, Dublin

Tanya Shah - Architecture graduate

Rachel Loughrey  - Architect

Arch. Badrana Salma - Terramana ARCHITECTES

Ebrina Koster - Piercy and Company

Camilla Martino - Architect Un-Habitat

Karim Rouabah - University of Nottingham

Lionel Real de Azúa - Red Deer

Rósa Þórunn Hannesdóttir - Interior Architect

Emerson Goo - Planner / Landscape Designer

Sabreen nassar - Engineer

Reem Ahmad Barahmah  - Architect

Dimitris Argyros - Haptic Architects

Zahra Haider - Architect

Anja Nedeljković  - student of architecture- University of Belgrade

Oguzhan Aydin - Architecture

Edoardo Quattrucci - Freelance architect and researcher

Sara Anand - Urban Researcher and Strategist, Foster + Partners

Sarvesh S - atpx

Haney Marsya - Pt. 1 Architect

Fatema Hassan - Architecture

Anna Zanni - Anna Zanni

Sila Olcay  - Architecture Student

Stefania Bellato - Architect and Activist

Yasmine Nouira - Architect

Riccardo Simioni - HPO

Hidaya Budair - Interior Architect

Aya Alkhatib  - Architect

Lauda Virginia Vargas - Architect, Copenhagen

Meena Gill - Livity Architecture

Johanna Schmeisser  - Architecture

Irene Bandieri - Architect, Berlin

El-Hamadeh Adam - Master Student of architecture, Epfl Lausanne

Bella Barkett - Researcher and Film programmer

Lucille Merisio - Architectural Educator

Samir Alaoui - Samir Alaoui Architectes

Ola Daoud  - GJU

Giulia Ciusani  - Humanitarian architect at "A.PART - Actions for People, Architecture, Rights, Territory ETS"

Dana Aldroubi - Damascus University

Jesse Seegers - NYU, Designer

Dr. Elena Palacios Carral - Forms of Living

Laura Cobb - Practice Director

Ghazal kabariti  - Architect - Researcher

Almas Sadique  - Architect and Writer

Rory Corr - Architect

Mohamed Keilani - MGK | Mohamed Keilani Studio

Ethel Baraona Pohl - dpr-barcelona

Zeena Ismail  - Architecture

Ramez Khalil - ARB RIBA/Studio S+RK

Fathima Mula - University of Johannesburg

WALAA Al Mehri - Architect

Ilaria Maurelli - Architect - PhD student - Rome

Angelica Åkerman  - Architect and strateg

Yousef Ibrahim - Aqel Atelier

Nada Barqawi - Architect

Poppy dodd - Central St Martins

Naomi Eningo-Moreno  - Architectural assistant

Virginia Boldrini - Architektin bei Caruso St John Architekten

Adheema Davis  - Durban University of Technology/South African Institute of Architects KZN

Duygu Özdemir - Architect

Arshan Hussain - Architect, Writer

Margarida Waco - Royal College of Art - School of Architecture

Maurizio Mucciola FRIBA RIAS - - CSM/UAL - the LSA

Mehmet Fatih Gülel - Architect

Léna Reesink - Landscape architect student

Aniella Goldinger - TU Berlin

Tala Alsakka Amini - American University of Sharjah

Caitlin Jakusz Paridy - Landscape Architect

Jenny Masson - Architect

G. Merve Jandali  - Architect & Urban Designer

Sena Karahan - Architect / Urbanism Phd Candidate Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

Tassneem Ashi - Architectural Assistant

Esha Sikander - Freelance

Sherif Shehata  - The Architectural Association, School of Architecture

Saime KAYA  - Architect student

Vanessa Cristina Mathias Duarte - Architect and Urban Planner - Living Cities Stockholm/Linköping University

Sanah sabri  - Principal Architect, SSA (Sanah Sabri Architects) Pakistan

Meryem Taşdemir - Architect, Istanbul

Francesca Ripamonti - Architect/ PhD Candidate, Politecnico di Milano

Mark Romei - PhD candidate, Monash University

Diya Ghantus - Architect, Berlin

Amina Mesic - MArch student, University of Sarajevo

Adam Summers - Cardiff University

Wiam Mostefai - Part 1 Assistant

Yashoda Joshi  - Practising Architect

Laura Diamond  - Kamara Projects

Senaka Weeraman - SAW / ACAN

Marina Tabassum - Foundation for Architecture and Community Equity

Jose Hassi Gidi - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Pg Muhd Na'aimullah Bin Pg Haji Sallehan - Architect Student

Samar Yousif - Architect in Bahrain

Nicola antaki - Collective design practice

Leo Fallon - Architecture Graduate Student

Mariza Daouti  - Architect

Aiysha Alsane - Architect & Landscape Designer

Zeynep Aşık - Architect

Sueda Ergün - Mimar

Yasemin İnani - Architect

Ciara Dineen - Marini O'Shea Ltd.

Hana - Interior architect

Zeynep Karahan  - Architect

Calum Norman - Architecture

Omar  - Jordan Tomorrow for advanced engineering

Tess Hillan - Architectural Assistant, Glasgow

Muhammed Aydın - Aydın Archtecture Studio

Feride arıcı - Architecture

Rasha Dabbas - Architect

Tuba Erkılıç Kökcen - Affiliation

Michelle Price - Architect at Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Ceren İrgin  - Architect Student

Radwa Elhassany  - GoMyCode

Aliaa Alsekaily - Freelance Architect - Master degree MBArch

Asude Sena Kösebaş - Istanbul Technical University

Shoug Albahar - Architectural Designer

Barbara Dior Kane - Architect

Amer Madhoun - Collectus Studio

Liam Davies  - PART 2 Architectural assistant, Glasgow

Hatice Dikilitaş  - Phd Student of Architecture

Camille Chabrol - Architectural Designer

Sabiha Ameen - Architect

Bz Zhang - Architect

Beyza Erdoğan - Bursa Uludağ Üniversitesi Mimarlık Fakültesi Öğrencisi

Kübra Sür - Architect - Interior Architect

Baran akkurt - Mimari düşünce platformu

Fatma Zehra İLHAN - Bursa Uludağ University - Architecture Student

Zeynep aleyna arvas  - İç mimar

Şeyma Ebrar Gülkaya  - Architect

Nadine Tarig - Architect

Zehra Sueda Ertaş - Architect

Ambreen Jamal - Architecture Graduate - University of Sheffield

Rashed Jibreen - Architect

Fatma Zehra Kemerci - Konya Teknik Üniversitesi

Asım Mete Ermiş - Architect, Founder of In Tiny House

José Paredes  - Architect

Suheer - PWC

Cany Ash - Ash Sakula Architects

Sofia el filali afib - None

Fahad S - None

Ayse Betul Alperen - Architect

Najah Qatamish - Architect

Louise Hagelberg - Liljewall arkitekter

Giovanni Fontana Antonelli - Archi.Media Trust

Mustafa Dallı - Gazi University

Sarah Behbehani - Proem Architects

Diana Enab  - Research and Teaching Assistant, An-Najah National University

Mustasha Musa - Architect, ARB/RIBA, Head of Design & Planning, Boustead Properties Malaysia

Adnan Ismail - University of Arizona

Matthew Sicolo - SicoloWebb Architects

Gordon Akira Macindoe - Architectural Graduate

Sophie Robinson - Architect

Jane Tankard - Tankard Bowkett Architects

Juliette Scalbert - Architect, London

Adam Khan  - Adam Khan Architects

Pat Luangsangthong - Architect, Sydney Australia (Gadigal Land)

Katrin Greiling - Studio Greiling

Andre Bonnice - Simulaa

Melis Ugurlu - Architect

Stefania Tsigkouni - Architect

Nicole Jessé - Architecture & Spatial Researcher

Lucy Humphrey - Lucy Humphrey Studio

Stefania Malangone - Architect

Gloria Lo - Oisa Chartered Architect/ ACAN/Scottish Ecological Design Association

Anna Gidman  - Architect, Manchester School of Architecture

Asma lbalushi - Oman

Esra Koyuncu - Master Student of Architecture at Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University

Kristina  - ism Magazine

Blake Fisher - Architectural Worker

Helen Evans  - Architect based in London

Walter Menteth - Architect

Aude Hacker - Architect, Geneva

Noor Jan-Mohamed - Architect

Elizabeth Reynolds - Tapestry

Abdulbari Kutbi - AHMM Architects; The Bartlett School of Architecture

Shehrazade Mahassini - Architect and PhD candidate, Royal College of Art London

Laura González Urueta - Architect and filmmaker

Donald McCrory - UCL, Cambridge, LSA, UAL: CSM

Aliki Economides - McEwen School of Architecture, Laurentian University

Mariana Diaz - California Registered Architect

Fathimath Ema Ziya - Part 1 Architect

Adam Chamy - Architect

Maggie Ghobrial - M.Arch Student, University of Toronto

Emilie Alongi - Marvel Architects

Amina Osmanović - Arhitect

Admir Turkusic - GreenStyle Solutions

Nama Masoud - Architect / Benghazi, Libya

Susanne Yaminy Sharif - Architect, Glasgow

Dr.Eleni Axioti - UAL

Charlotte Madgwick - Architect

Deb Kunda - Architect

Hashim Noormohamod - University of Nottingham / Hickman & Smith Architects

Narcisa Bašić-Gaković - Context doo

Setareh Saleh - Architect

Daniel Díaz Monterrubio - Arquitecto

Sara Adam - Architect

Mussawar Ali Khan - Arctitect

Jean-Marie Spencer - SSdH, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia

Ahmed Mostafa AbdAlAziz - Student / ain shams university engineering department / Egypt

Shiloh Sukkau - S.S. Applied Art and Architecture

Basma El Boussaki - University of Cambridge

Funmbi Adeagbo - Architect

Doaa - Architect engineer

Hannah Martin - Croydon Council

Deri Mungo Russell - AA

Amira El Hanafi - The King’s Foundation

Luma kennedy - Research Associate /landscape architecture/ US

Glory Nasseri - Anakbayan BC

Hugh - Architect

Marina Ibrahim - M.Arch Student at the University of British Columbia

Aniket Surve - Carnegie Mellon University

Rémi Landry Yuan - Master of Architecture student - University of British Columbia

Calie De Joseph - Master of Architecture candidat

Josephine Li - Architecture Student

Eleena Jamil - Eleena Jamil Architect

Reza Nik - SHEEEP Studio / University of Toronto

Elizabeth Fernandez - Woodbury University- Architecture

Hasanović Alem - Architecture faculty Sarajevo

Lejla Agić - Museum educator

Jawwad Zaidi - National University of Sciences & Technology, Pakistan

Amina Lalor - Laurentian University McEwen School of Architecture

Ana Paula Miranda - Architect

Kieran Dick-Doyle  - Architect

Lejla Hadžibegović - Architect

Barbara Kostanjšek - University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Landscape Architecture

Elid Shaqiri - Architektin

Lama Akmeel - PhD student, Tianjin University

Sam Price - Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ)

Adrian Fernandez - Naarm

George Aboagye Williams - Architect

Ben Beach - Unit 38 Design & Co-research

Alicia Pivaro - University of Westminster

Farnaz Faraji - Newcastle University

Hannin Alnimri - Makana

Nick Axel - Gerrit Rietveld Academie / e-flux Architecture

Ryan Putra - Ilalang Architect

Ellie Hardie - Levitt Bernstein

George Johnson - Architect, London

Sree Arun - Master of Architecture, Monash University

Ali Ibrahim Hammad - Muthamman architects

Kholoud awadallah - Architect

Sariya Farhath Siddiqui - CDC- Architectural Designer

Naomi Mason - RIBA Part 1

Åsa Johansson - Landcape architect

María Arquero de Alarcón - University of Michigan

Maja Pličanić - University of Sarajevo, ICOMOS member

Pascual -

Emily Foster - Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Nawras Ali - WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education

Ario Dewangga - bahutira

Setareh Noorani - Architect, Researcher at Nieuwe Instituut

Priyasha Singh - Architectural Designer

Vernes Causevic - Projekt V Arhitektura

Daria Njemcevic - MA Architecture

Eléonore Labattut - ETC / architect

Sarita Mistry - Architectural Graduate

Rachel Ang - Architect

Nuno Távora - Arquitecto

Mariña jordan De La Peña -Architect COAG

Eric Swanson - Designer, SCI_Arc Alumni

Alberto Preato - Visiting Research Fellow - Humanitarian Design - Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs, Fordham University

Yara ElMaghrabi - Architect

Lucy Dinnen - Projekt V Arhitektura

Ilham Pradana - Freelance

Allya Zubaidah - Architectural Assistant - LAM/RIBA Part l

Professor Tomà Berlanda - Politecnico di Torino

Lev Bratishenko  - Curator

Fayez Sharabaty - Architect

Tour - EnsadLab

Adela Askandar - Director - Studio Bikin Architects

Mitisha Gurung - University of Kent

Adonai Boamah Nyamekye - UCL

Kristina Tayar - Graduate Architect

Aya El-Halabi - Rejuvenating Spaces Solutions

Hamza Halilovic - S

Davide Ruzzon - NAAD Iuav Venice - TA Office Milan

Selma - Minalli d.o.o.

Orla Murphy - University College Dublin

Karla Kulis - Architect

Zanira Sandhu - UCLA AUD

Moaz - Unilever

Nadia Altaf- design student, artist - American University of Sharjah

Barbara Swierc - Architect - Architect


Kareeshma Ali - Urban Designer, Community Development Specialist

Salomé Wackernagel - Salomé Wackernagel

Mariana kaileh - Birzeit university

Majed Naseri - Academy of fine arts Vienna

Justin Paul Ware - Architectural and Urban Designer / Spatial Politics

Mariyam Hamsha Hussain - Uva Studio

Fahad Malik RIBA - Wadhal

Joanne Preston - Architect

María Buey González - Arquitecta

Hadi Kachmar - Architecture Student @ BAU

Pich Hana Sotan - Architect Graduated, Paris

Simran Maredia - Architectural Designer

Eda Bećirović - Master of Architecture UNSA, Faculty of Architecture

Nada Madhoon - Architect, lighting designer - KTH university

Elif Zeynep Atilla - Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo

Asja Herenda - Arhitektonski studio Dimenzija

Joseph Gauci-Seddon - Collective Territories

Lujain Abushami - Landscape Architect - Jordan

Erhebeh Issa - Architect

Ricardo Jesus Maga Rojas - Associate AIA, NOMA

Christin Svensson - Architect

Sarah Ahmad - Interior Architect

M Hassaan Rana - Pcatp

Azra Fifić - Interior Designer

Amani Taleb - Iowa State University

Alice Chatelard - Student at ENSAL

Hana Hačimić - Architect

Diogo Pedrosa Gonçalves - Arquitecto Freelancer, membro da Ordem dos Arquitectos. Portugal

Mohammed Dinn - Architect

Daniel Wilson - Knight Wilson Architects

‪Mohamed salah narouz‬‏ - Architect

Nida Mohammed - American University of Sharjah - student of Architecture

Haroun Selma - Architect

Noran Gamal - Sohag University- Architecture department

Ana Naomi de Sousa - Independent filmmaker & journalist

Vilde Livsdatter Sønderland - EFFEKT Architects

Paulina Ojeda - Architect I Photographer

Lise Tabit - Architecte

Bianca Koch - Architect & Interior Designer

Federico Armeni - Architetto libero professionista

Aisyah Alatas  - Individual

Maksym Rokmaniko - The Center for Spatial Technologies (CST)

Issa Shokeh - GS

Dalia Nasar - Part II Architectural Assistant - UK/Malaysia

Khaoula Hannachi - University of Blida 1 ( Algeria)

Nargiz Nabirova - Architect, KU Leuven

Kianna Lechtenberg - Architecture Student

Omer Gorashi - Columbia GSAPP

María Mazzanti - Failed Architecture

Azrin anuar - Oy architect

Madeline McGloin - Boston Architectural College, AIAS

Madelyn Moretta - Architectural Designer

Phan Nhu Minh Nguyen - Boston Architectural College

Juliana Cardozo - Illinois Institute of Technology

Tara Sydney - Adjacency Studio

Raja Atiqah Sophia Binti Raja Azman -

Aseel Abusada - Babel architects

akmal azmi - aa23 enterprise

Elsayed Lotfy - Almnabr Architects

Sumaiya Ifthikar - Assistant architect

Raed Shalak - Vienna 1683

Abeer Sale - Architect

Karolina Levanaite - Architect

Lubna Shaheen - Urban Planner

Racha Amari - Architect

Kiril Kirilov - Architect

Anza Mashooque - Architect & Researcher (PCATP)

Jenny Schafer - Paramyth Lab Architecture, Athens, Greece

Jose Sanchez - Designer

Fionnuala Heidenreich - Fionnuala Heidenreich

Dunia Adawi - Architecture student - Haifa

Silvia Bachetti - Landscape Architect, Berlin

Matei Florescu - Architecture student, Uni Stuttgart

Ervin Gall - MSc Architecture

Federico Lepre - Atelier IIOIO\

Caterina Selva - Architect and researcher, University of Bologna

Ameneh Solati - Failed Architecture

Mlak Zidi - The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Mingxin Li - PhD student in Architecture/Royal College of Art

Susan Sultan - Architectural Engineer / University of Jordan

Hibatullah Mohiuddin - Individual

Zeynep - None

Erinn De Waele - PhD Researcher Architecture

Nurul Fajri Barorah - City Planner

Abida Alom - Architecture Student at University of Bath

Agatha Partyka - LIMINAL Studio

Yasmine Abu Arafeh - Architect and Urban Planner

Zdenka Stulić - Landscape Architect

Tjok - UCL

Adelisa Wigati - Common person

Mody - Common person

Katharina Beby Kim - Common person

Niranjana - Architect/farmer , Bangalore

Professor Anne Holtrop - ETH Zurich

Max Bernaerts - Delft University of Technology

Tsamara - Personal

Therese - Individual

Shriya Chaudhry - ETH Zurich

Ignacio Rivas - La Escuela Nunca  y los Otros Futuros

Sara Adakan - Architect EPFL, Istanbul

Sümeyye Taşdelen - İstanbul university

Camilla Maria Vittoria Succetti - Architect

Marta Quintas - Architect

Laura Murane - Designer

Anne Herndon - architect

Rakhmi Fitriani - Landscape Architect

Emilia - Student

Jomana Baddad - TURATH

Samer AbuAuida - Asst: Architect hqq Architects

Catherine Koekoek - Erasmus University Rotterdam/ International Architecture Biënnale Rotterdam (IABR)

Alastair Selven - Architect

Antonio Haro - Architecture student 

Simona Lasauskaite - Architect LTMX

Francesco Paini - Allies and Morrison

Cara Liberatore & Almin Pršić - Architects, Pršić & Pršić

Nusrat Kamal Ritu - PhD student at UHasselt

Oliver Ilievski - Balkan Center for Socio Spatial eXploration

Ivone Gonçalves - Architect

Mayim Frieden - University of Amsterdam TA

Irma Nezirović - Architect

Miriam Delaney - Architect, Dublin

Jacob T. Middleton - Designer, New York, NY

Mihai Moga-Paler - Architect

Mark Parsons - Architect

Kavya Cherala - Architect

Heba Mousa - Urban planner

Abdulrahman&Turki Gazzaz - Bricklab

Colm mac Aoidh - Faculty of Architecture and Arts, Hasselt University

Dulce Arambula - Architect

Luana Torres - Student

Fatima - University of Sarajevo

Alfonso Bonilla MRIAI MArch. B.Arch Urb PDip - Maremoto Architects Ltd.

Ségolène Pla - Designer, DK & FR

Ingrid Pelletier - Architectural Designer, Seattle

Elisa - University of Cambridge

Jennifer Ansley, Graduate Student, Landscape Architecture


Eilon Weintroub - IUAV University of Venice (Student)

Latifah Almohiza - student at Bartlett

Eva Valentini - Architect

Nina Tory-Henderson - Architect, Melbourne Australia

Fareeda - German University in Egypt

Emma Twine - DK-CM

Ahlame Saoud - Architect

Moid Ali - MJG Architects

Gonçalo Frias - Gonçalo frias Architect

Ralitsa Genkova - Jeff Kahane and Associates

Beatrice Utano - Architect and curator

Riya Dhanak - Student

Khalil Mdimagh - ETHZ

Lama Haidar - Architect

Chloé Speas - IIDA Student Member

Cristina Salvi - Director at CS+CO Design Consultancy

Conor Lawless - Architectural Assistant, London

Ken R Koense - Pedal Design Lab

Summer Awad - Women in Architecture, University of Houston 

Sukanya Mukherjee - Architecture Student, SCI-Arc

Jelena Markovic - Architect

Hanif Adi Ramadhan - Architect/Projectile

Jonathan Jackson - WeShouldDoItAll (WSDIA)

Lee Kuhn - Architect

Maeve Corke Butters - Cave Urban

Rima - Architecture

Rany - Independent

Richard Balkins (Building Designer/Managing Principal) - Astoria Building Design, LLC.

Intan Silviyani - Landscape Architect

Athena Do - Architectural Designer

Huda Tayob - University of Manchester

Ayesha Baig - Carleton University

Omar González - Architect, Zürich

Matilda Svensk - Architect 

Roberta Rinaldi - Architetto a Roma (italia) 

Laura Pavia - Architect - UniBAS,

Ike Hennessy - UON B.Arch

Fredrik Hellberg - UCLA

Abdulrahman Majdi - IT student

Ar. Akif Ahmed Jokhio - Hunerwar Associates

Laura Di Stefano - Architect

Freideriki Koura Manoli - Architecture Student  

Jawaher Alhazzani - B.A Architecture and Design, Prince Sultan University -

Robyn Park-Ross - Urban Planner, Cape Town, South Africa - 

Foteini Karatza - Architecture Student, Thessaloniki

Lara bandoni - Architect

Siri Nallaparaju - Environment and Landuse Planner; Founder- Earthery Studio

Lorna Browne - Architect Berlin

Karan Pancholi - Architect, Okra

Laya Burgan - Architect

Nabil Alamudi - Architect

Elif Demiroglu - Urban designer

Riadh Achour - Architect

Yildiz Aslandogan - Architect

Sonia Turk - Architect

Jovan Millet - AIA

Noor Jan-Mohamed - Architect

Rajiv Fernandez - Architect

Ogan Amont - Architect, Basel

Ms Hana Alamuddin  - R.I.B.A 

Evelien Pieters - PAF (platform for architecture & feminism), Belgium

Miya Richir - Student at USI Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio

Sama Khan - Architect - Lecturer

Silvia González - Architect

Rachel Nissel - Designer

Amany Khalil - RIBA part 1 & part 2 , teaching assistant at AUC &FUE

Dana Khalid - Architect, Bahrain

Rasha Salameh - Architect

Sarah Zureiqat-MArch student at UCLA

Drone Iyangar-Urban Planner & Urban Designer

Nerea Amoros Elorduy-Architect

Elias Christo - Architectural Designer

Viktor Briestensky - Artist

Ellen Monroe - Landscape Designer

Eamanne Moharram-Interior Design Student

Abdul-Azeez Ahmad - Landscape Architect

Dwi Hergiawan-Architect

Alefiyah Murtuza Merchant-Master of Architecture, University of Waterloo.

Nazmi Anuar-Architect, E9A

René Escobedo-Architectural Designer

Nayab Khan-Architect

Sajid Suhla Amilul Haq-Architecture Student

Caroline Bergvall-Writer, Artist, Facilitator

Lisa Sato-Architect

Rafia Ilyas-Founder: Tangent Square

Lara Lesmes - Space Popular

Christian Theodore Samson Burgos - Senior Architectural Graduate

Mohammad K.A. Alkhawaja - Master in Innovation in Architecture

Sarah Rifaat-Environmentalist

Sian Wells-Architectural Assistant

Azita Zaheer-Architecture Student, Manchester School of Architecture

Johanna Mattsson-Architect

Nicole Balansa-Architect

Paule Perron-architect, minor architects

Roseanne Scott- Architect ARB RIBA- Director at Re-Fabricate

Balqis almomani- Architect

Mariyah Lambat-Architecture student

Vridhi Jain-Architect recent graduate , Graphics head for Queering in Chandigarh

Suminto Adi-Architect


Emel Tuupainen-Architect

Almedina Hamzić Mušić-Architect

Nesrine Cheikh ali ourimi-Architecte

Deepanshi Arora-Architecture student

Afnan A-M Arch Student

Laiqa Gitosuputro-Student, Knowlton School of Architecture

Iqra Polani-Architectural Designer

Andrei Nemes-Junior architect

Sara Jurincic-Architect

Elena Nissan Thomas-Artist

Marialena Karavioti - Architect

Paula Amin-Architect

Elizabeth Beyzanur Okur - Undergraduate at Indiana University- Bloomington

Madleen imad fathi hindi-Architect -interior designer

Petra Matar-Ontario Association of Architects

Amani Alshaaban-Urban development practitioner

Sokol Hazizi-Architect

Mariam Shehata-Architect/ MSc SBDE - UCL

Ishita Shah-Interior Designer & Architectural Historian, Curating for Culture

Roxanne Norris-Part 1

Ricardo Próspero-Landscape designer and urban planner

Sherifa El-Haggan-Architect

Sneha Sumanth-Carleton University

Mariam-Architect, Researcher

Olivia Goldenberg-Architecture student

Marwa Alaswadi-Architect

Merna Dawoud-Architect

Hanniya Kamran-Architecture, University of Cambridge

Aurora Hinz - Writer

Mariam Osama Abdel Ghany Ali El Sayed-Architect

Menatullah Tamer-Architect / engineer

Nada Nedal - Architect

Hana Greer - Architect, aki(architects)

Alejandro Hernandez Galvez - Architect and Editor

Veerle Bryon

Daniela Lopes Peñaloza-architect

Matthias Delueg- Architect

Aya Ismail- Architect

Aurélie Griveaux- Architect

Dana Elkadri- Architect

Aliaa Essam- Architect and Urban Planner

Osman Kaya- Architect

Léa Civel- Architecte

Giulia Giorgelli-Architect

Leila Drew - Architecture Graduate (2023) University of Cambridge

Nadeen Dabbas-Architect

Wan abdul muhaymin bin wan jefri-Architect , Arkitek Wan Jefri

Ghofran Gammoudi-Architecture student, second year, in the the national school of architecture and urbanism, Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunisia..

Riahi nour- Architecte de l'école d'architecture et d'urbanisme de Tunis

Ana Maria Rodríguez Bisbicus-Architect/Researcher

Oussama Jellali - Architect

Jana van Hummel - Landscape designer

Sarah Hachem Herfurth -Teaching fellow

Katarina Petrović - Architect

Andrea Avellino - Digital Artist

Nada Barakeh - Architect & Artist

Andrea Sanchez - M.Arch Candidate at Rice University

Inês Barros - Architect, designer and artist | Associaçao Goela

Johannes Equizi - freelancer architect/designer/artist

Tobias Benjamin Bosse - Architekt

Noor Khuthejatul Kubra- Architect

Shashank k srivatsa- Architect

Nada Asad- Architect

Cheimaa Amami- Architecture student - National school of architecture and urbanism  Tunisia

STAP Network-(Stop Toxic Architectural Practices)

Ruba Saleh- Architect and planner

Nur Jabarin- Architectural researcher

Logan Amont - Architect, Basel

Aisling McCoy- Architect Artist Photographer

Tanyaradzwa Chiganze - Architectural Assistant

Pavlidou Kiriaki - Architecture student

Jad Choucair -Architectural Assistant

Touseer Ahmad RIBA AABC CEPH- Architect

Nitika Dileep- Student Architect

Iulia Cistelecan- Architectural designer and educator, founder @design-forgood

Haytham Jaidi- Architect

Hanan Abdulamir- Architect

Mina Hanna- Intern Architect, OAA

Samuel Stair- Senior Designer, New Practice

Swati Janu- Social Design Collaborative

Aneez Mohammed Kooliyattayil- Architect

Mohit Janekunte- Founding architect, EKLA CHALO

Ar. Shubham Jaiswal- Principal Architect at Naayaab [Co-Labs]

Anjum Ansari- Architect

Tanzeel Ahmed- Architect and interior designer

Simon Johan Muller- Masters of Architecture Student - Politecnico di Milano

Musa Garba - ARB/RIBA

Mawra Mohammad - Architect

Kathryn Sullivan - Woodworking Restoration & Conservation

Claes Kamp - Designer/artist

Erin Kiley - Design Consultant, Antiquities Dealer

Katie Bennett - AIA NCARB

Sima Kunttas - Architect and educator

Jessie Hillman - AICP, Principal Planner

Alexander Haworth - Sustainability Consultant/HERS Rater

Nicole Mechkaroff - Architect

Pauline Merlet - Architect

Dani Boyd - Burckhardt Architecture

Nikhila Madabhushi - Architect / Research Fellow

Dr. Sabina Mujkic - Urban planner, Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia

Ina Valkanova - Researcher, Landscape and Urban Studies Institute, ETH Zürich

Mara D'Avino - Architect PhD - Italian National architects' Council

Manon Purgu - architecture student

Salma cheikhrouhou - Architect

Kassem Eida - Architect

Jakub Mica - Architecture student

Eduardo Varas - Senior Architect

TURPIN Jean-Christophe - Architecte DESA/ Conducteur Travaux ESTP

Phoebe Webster - Designer

Jerry Elengical - Architectural Journalist at STIR and Ecogradia

Lorens Holm - Reader in Architecture, University of Dundee

Madalena Madeira - Architect

Mariam Al-rawashdeh - MArch Student at University of Strathclyde

Hannah Schramm - Urban planner/Landscape Architect

Eva Ventura - (Landscape) architect, studio ventura

Huda shahid - Architectural designer

Fatema Wafik Massoud - Architect

Alix Ogilvie - Architect, AIA

Jesse Martin  - AIAS, M.Arch Candidate, WIA Cleveland, OH

Sine Vesterlid Schjelderup - Architect Cand. Arch

Salma ELAOUNI - Architect, BIM Manager

Kathlyn Kao - Scientific Collaborator, Architect, Switzerland

And Counting...

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