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Exhibition 1-29 March 2019

Dressing/Undressing the Landscape explores means to rethink the current cultural landscape of the Middle East. In a dialogue between architecture, art and spatial design, female architects and artists from the Arab world and beyond, bring forward new insights to the cities of Gaza, Mosul, Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, Ramallah and the rural villages of Palestine.

The works provoke the current geography of the Middle East and the way it is being represented, exploited and imagined, especially with the on-going colonial project that continues to dress it with alien layers and new sceneries. The contributors question through design, what might a landscape crafted by women be like? They offer alternatives that resist the legislated power of men, the power of war and the power of image, which have been constantly reinvented.

This exhibition is part of Awan Festival and is curated by Yara Sharif from Palestine Regeneration Team (PART).

Exhibitors: Palestine Regeneration Team (PART), Hemali Rathod, Julia Topley, Sakiya: Sahar Qawasmi, Rim Kalsoum, Hiba Al-Safi, Nuha Hansen, Angeliko Sakellariou, Dana Nasser, May Sayrafi, Samar Maqusi.


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